There was a combination of pictures that stuck out to me most, this includes a two part picture series. The first was Dr. Religa, who was monitoring his patient after performing a 24-hour surgery of a heart transplant in 1987, with his assistant sleeping after the surgery was done. The only reason it stuck out to me so much is that of the second picture, which shows the patient holding up the first picture. The second picture is so phenomenal not only because that patient was still living, but that he out lived the very man who saved his life. This tells such a magnificent story. Your purpose and your work in life can and will affect others long after you’re gone. I wonder how different would people live out there lives if they knew how deeply others would be affected by their work or lack there of?

More Fiyah’ lil Momma!

I cannot wait to see “When Love Kills” Directed and produced by Tasha Smith. The cast includes: Tasha Smith, Lil Mama, Tami Roman & Lance Gross. 

This flick is based on a real story & the chick is still serving time…. check out this video clip of the cast below pictures ….The glow up is real NiaTia Kirkland!!!☺️ Click Link>>>>>>> Interview w/cast 

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How is the probiotic in Greens important for detoxification?

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Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

“I’m 23 years old, I might just be my mother’s child, but in reality…I’m everybody’s child. Nobody raised me, I was raised in this society.” ~ Tupac Shakur

Today Tupac would have been 46 years old. I think about being a 15 year old girl, coming home from school seeing all over the news that he died. I didn’t think he would die because Tupac survived everything and deep down I was hoping he survived death in real life in a Makaveli way, but this time he didn’t. I kept the tv on MTV the entire day. Like every other teenage girl I thought once I became an adult I would marry Tupac & live happily ever hip hop after!!! I was crushed the entire week. Tupac conversations would ring all over the streets, schools & places of work for years to come. I remember watching the Biggie Smalls interview and seeing the remorse he said ” I don’t wish death on no one, because ain’t no coming back from that.” I remember when watching Big’s interview internally I feared for his life, because things had gone too far. Which we all know he died the following year. 

I remember following Tupac’s career with Digital Underground, Holla If You Hear Me & Brenda’s Got a baby, I even remembered borrowing a PAC cd from a classmate & never giving it back… I gotta do that 😏

Today I’m excited that the “All Eyes On Me” movie comes out today!!! I hope you all support this for the culture. I may need to see this alone because I want to be able to soak everything in. For the movie to be released on his birthday is pretty dope. Tupac was very advanced for his age & was more than an old soul, he could never be duplicated. I can’t help to think what things would have been like now with him here and his presence. One thing I can say that in his short lived life he made an impact & one can only hope that we all make some type of impact the best we know how before our journey on this earth is over! Go out this weekend & support “All Eyes On Me”