Vegetarian Meals 4 Newbies….

     We all want to be healthy, we all want to look our best ( I hope)… but the real question is…. what are you doing to accomplish the best you? I have experienced living a healthy lifestyle and a not so healthy lifestyle. I must say I love to indulge in various foods that are not so healthy and the truth is I may never stop (who knows), but being there are some great benefits to living a healthy lifestyle I can’t see myself not trying. 

     Some of the benefits I’ve noticed is great skin, more energy, and clear thinking! You’d be surprised at the upgrades in your life just by paying more attention to your diet. Although I am not a complete vegetarian I love to make vegetarian meals a couple of times out of the week for the household to give our bodies a weekly TLC💕💕💕 

     Last night I made “Creamy Spinach Lasagna Rolls”  with homemade garlic wheat bread. To make this, you’ll need: 

  • Lasagna Shells
  • Frozen Spinach
  • Ricotta cheese 
  • Mozzarella Shredded Cheese
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Baking paN
  • Foil
  • Spaghetti sauce 
  • 1 egg

Mix in all cheeses with 1 egg salt & pepper to taste.

After you’ve boiled & drained the shells lay on wax paper if you can, I ran out so I used foil. Be sure it has cooled down a bit. Spread cheese on shells according to the sizes you want your rolls to be and break up Spinach inside. Now begin to roll. Pour spaghetti sauce at the bottom of the pan.

Pour spaghetti sauce over rolls in baking pan, I used garden style you can use whatever. Sprinkle moe mozzarella cheese over sauce. Remember you can do everything to your taste!☺️ Put in oven on 350• for 45 min or according to how brown you want…. Enjoy your veggie meal.

 For homemade garlic bread just use whatever bread you have put it in the ove for a few minutes and put garlic powder, butter, and parsley on top…. I used wheat bread because I don’t buy white bread!☺️

Poom Poom Shop Been Closed, Now What?

     And so……. I finally let go of the dating scene….. What on Earth am I thinking I mean I don’t have to be sexually active to date. I don’t even have to kiss anyone to date, but to actually not date at all while waiting? Lord what are you doing? God knows I always keep something or someone in my back pocket I can do celibacy, but to be celibate of the heart, with no interaction? for me that’s just out of pocket.  God wants me to trust Him with all my heart, with all my mind, with all of my soul and that’s cool. I just like to have a bit of control. I mean what if something doesn’t go right God?  What am I going to do then? I guess this is what true faith looks like and feels like. You see I thought I said yes when I said yes to God. I didn’t know that my yes, didn’t look like God’s yes.FullSizeRender (2)

     This new Journey that I’m taking is very spiritual and it’s a bit  painful, because I can do everything that I thought God would be pleased with until it came to my time. He wants me to not only be celibate physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually! But God why????IMG_0255 I never thought of time to be something so valuable to God(time is of the essence). He doesn’t want me talking to anyone, just waiting!He told me that doing things to pass time is somewhat more detrimental than you could ever imagine even something as simple as talking on the phone or going out to eat.  I thought I could do “the wait” by still dating, still picking up dinner meals every now and then but God said no, not  in this season. As time goes on I can see why spiritually I am not able to lean on anyone but God, mentally I am not able to relate to anyone on that level but God, and in my heart no one else has the capacity to catch it! This level is not eye level, but God level. this is definitely another level of being celibate.

    My flesh sometimes gets aggravated because I can’t do the same things that I used to do such as talk on the phone and go out to eat and you know just things to pass the time. My flesh is not pleased with that because in this season of being consecrated sometimes is boring!  I’m just being real. Other times in this season, in my spirit I can feel so excited and feel closer to God then I’ve ever felt before. I thought that I would be really scared to not have a plan B but when God has already given you the plan A which is His plan I’m beginning to find comfort in that.  The Bible says there is no fear in love and so what I am expecting for God to do I can not be fearful in my act of obedience. I can honestly say this is the first time that I’m losing control and yet I’m safe.

Free 5-day Challenge!!

How I went from making $50,000 in 3 months from having $0.00 in my bank account and zero clients/customers in the entertainment industry & internet marketing the 4th month back to $0.00….😱 ….. I know nuts right!??? In this livestream challenge I’ll show you what went right & what went wrong. Most people are afraid to start something because they have no idea what it is they want to do but don’t let that stop you. When I started with clients I had nothing, no book out, no product no name for myself just me & God!!! Through it all I found I was a walking and talking sales machine but I just didn’t know how to manage my business and money right. Trial & error taught me a lot & good thing I don’t burn bridges because the people and businesses I was able to connect with were always willing to still teach me and do business with me through it all because they know I wanted it!!!! The one thing I will say that put my blessings on hold was when coming up I didn’t give back!💯 So this 5-day challenge is free for women 👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿 who want more in their businesses, their spirits and in their lives period !!! Let me know if you want in!!!!💰💰💰💰🙌🏾   Connect with me, just click on my Facebook link……

Women Share Your Truth Tuesdays…

17634290_10155272771545087_3070201037983461051_nWhat a great event that I not only attended but was one of the speakers! Theresa Brown who is an event planner by trade, created this event to encourage women to share things they’ve been through in hopes of healing of another to take place. I must admit, I was asked to share my story many times over and it just simply not time to share. With the beautiful spirit that Theresa had, I felt compelled to be apart of something great that she was doing. women share117264881_10155272539445087_1787484947607159145_n

Women from all walks of life were in attendance and one thing I can say is no matter who are, no matter where you come from or where you’re going…we all hurt and in some way overcome the obstacles of life.17759819_10155980600373989_5034014899982360541_n

The next Women Share Your Truth Wednesday is May 9th,2017…..I can assure you if you attend you will not leave the same way in which you came.


Wednesday night🌟

 While getting ready for the night in attending 100 females podcast, I wanted to get my curls back popping for the evening.

I was so excited to use my hair steamer and this thing lived up to my expectations honey!!! 

So I ordered off of Amazon which ran me $90.00 from Red Red Pro Therapy, (I have Amazon prime so I get free shipping). When I received it I was so excited!! So I washed my hair & put a deep conditioner in. I then mixed up my “special oils” and I put it in the water that is used to steam my hair. It began to bubble and I was under the steamer ready for action. ⚠️Caution ⚠️ Do not scratch your head while under here I burnt the crap out of my self!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

When it stopped I got up to look in the mirror and my curls were not only back popping but my hair was exceptionally soft!!! I rinsed my hair with. Oil water to keep in the moisture and “vuala” 😂 is that how you spell that?🤔 who knows?🤷🏾‍♀️ Anywho after that I washed my face with my cleanser and used the part that is used to steam my face on my face and oh my gawsh!!! My skin was so fresh looking!! This product is the bomb!!! I wish I had thought of it! 

Not only do I give this product an A because of what it does for your hair and skin but also what it does for your pockets! It’s worth the investment if you frequently get this treatment from salons and spas because it’s yours!!!!​


Belief System 

You can be so full of things from your past that you have no belief left, which is the gateway into dismissing the promises of God! How you believe is how you’ll live. Whatever you are experiencing now, be it good, bad or indifferent…. you are living according to what you believe. Are you a true believer????