Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

“I’m 23 years old, I might just be my mother’s child, but in reality…I’m everybody’s child. Nobody raised me, I was raised in this society.” ~ Tupac Shakur

Today Tupac would have been 46 years old. I think about being a 15 year old girl, coming home from school seeing all over the news that he died. I didn’t think he would die because Tupac survived everything and deep down I was hoping he survived death in real life in a Makaveli way, but this time he didn’t. I kept the tv on MTV the entire day. Like every other teenage girl I thought once I became an adult I would marry Tupac & live happily ever hip hop after!!! I was crushed the entire week. Tupac conversations would ring all over the streets, schools & places of work for years to come. I remember watching the Biggie Smalls interview and seeing the remorse he said ” I don’t wish death on no one, because ain’t no coming back from that.” I remember when watching Big’s interview internally I feared for his life, because things had gone too far. Which we all know he died the following year. 

I remember following Tupac’s career with Digital Underground, Holla If You Hear Me & Brenda’s Got a baby, I even remembered borrowing a PAC cd from a classmate & never giving it back… I gotta do that 😏

Today I’m excited that the “All Eyes On Me” movie comes out today!!! I hope you all support this for the culture. I may need to see this alone because I want to be able to soak everything in. For the movie to be released on his birthday is pretty dope. Tupac was very advanced for his age & was more than an old soul, he could never be duplicated. I can’t help to think what things would have been like now with him here and his presence. One thing I can say that in his short lived life he made an impact & one can only hope that we all make some type of impact the best we know how before our journey on this earth is over! Go out this weekend & support “All Eyes On Me”


Grace Period…..

Yesterday day I heard so loudly in my spirit…”Grace Period!” I thought what does that have to do with anything?

Waiting on God like:
   I have to admit I am “patiently” waiting ( as patient as my human self can be 😏) but we  all know how anxious we can began to feel when you know what lies ahead. The promises of God are exciting and mind blowing but the time in between can be excruciating to say the least!

   So when I heard this strong notion of “Grace Period” I had to look up the exact definition of it and it read:

::A grace period is a period immediately after the deadline for an obligation during which a late fee, or other action that would have been taken as a result of failing to meet the deadline, is waived provided that the obligation is satisfied during the grace period. Grace periods can range from a number of minutes to a number of days or longer, and can apply in situations including arrival at a job, paying a bill, or meeting a government or legal requirement.

   Does this hit your spirit like it did mine? Let me help you out. The reason some of us feel so defeated and overwhelming life circumstances in this season is because the adversary is totally scrambling to pull out every trick in the book to get you off course because he knows this moment is very crucial and your stepping into the next chapter of your life! The devil knows his lights are about to get cut off & he’s about to get kicked out! Out of every area in your life!

    Now let’s break down “grace & period”. Grace is defined as 2 different the first is ….simple elegance or refinement of movement “she moved through the water with effortless grace”…. In this time it will appear that your moving through this season so effortlessly but it’s nothing more than the Holy Spirit carrying you through. The second definition of grace is described as ….(in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. You should know that you’ve been graced to go through anything that comes your way! 

    Now let’s define period: a length or portion of time & also a punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence or an abbreviation.

You must understand that this time is just a period in your life that will soon come to an end! You just need to prepare to evict everything & everyone in your life who is not “graced” to be there! You’re on the cusp of the harvest don’t get distracted. Tunnel vision at its best is what you are to do until the reaping of your work has manifested in full. 

Poom Poom Shop Been Closed, Now What?

     And so……. I finally let go of the dating scene….. What on Earth am I thinking I mean I don’t have to be sexually active to date. I don’t even have to kiss anyone to date, but to actually not date at all while waiting? Lord what are you doing? God knows I always keep something or someone in my back pocket I can do celibacy, but to be celibate of the heart, with no interaction? for me that’s just out of pocket.  God wants me to trust Him with all my heart, with all my mind, with all of my soul and that’s cool. I just like to have a bit of control. I mean what if something doesn’t go right God?  What am I going to do then? I guess this is what true faith looks like and feels like. You see I thought I said yes when I said yes to God. I didn’t know that my yes, didn’t look like God’s yes.FullSizeRender (2)

     This new Journey that I’m taking is very spiritual and it’s a bit  painful, because I can do everything that I thought God would be pleased with until it came to my time. He wants me to not only be celibate physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually! But God why????IMG_0255 I never thought of time to be something so valuable to God(time is of the essence). He doesn’t want me talking to anyone, just waiting!He told me that doing things to pass time is somewhat more detrimental than you could ever imagine even something as simple as talking on the phone or going out to eat.  I thought I could do “the wait” by still dating, still picking up dinner meals every now and then but God said no, not  in this season. As time goes on I can see why spiritually I am not able to lean on anyone but God, mentally I am not able to relate to anyone on that level but God, and in my heart no one else has the capacity to catch it! This level is not eye level, but God level. this is definitely another level of being celibate.

    My flesh sometimes gets aggravated because I can’t do the same things that I used to do such as talk on the phone and go out to eat and you know just things to pass the time. My flesh is not pleased with that because in this season of being consecrated sometimes is boring!  I’m just being real. Other times in this season, in my spirit I can feel so excited and feel closer to God then I’ve ever felt before. I thought that I would be really scared to not have a plan B but when God has already given you the plan A which is His plan I’m beginning to find comfort in that.  The Bible says there is no fear in love and so what I am expecting for God to do I can not be fearful in my act of obedience. I can honestly say this is the first time that I’m losing control and yet I’m safe.

Just think about it 

Pause: ⚠️There is a rise in men purposing to women, not because of love but because of the potential in you and how it makes them look! Careful,a lot of these men are well off and this type of gold digging is on a whole ‘nother level, you would think that this type of man is not with you for money and maybe he’s not, but it’s something much more precious to him and that’s status and the form of what perfection looks like and also how others perceive him…. It has nothing to do with love!! And everything to do with insecurity.   Know that who God has for you, will be someone that you will be able to help build with. It will not be a “look at us” approach in life, this man will also be able to feed your spirit, not just your head. Don’t settle in spirit or in truth….

Praying over the kids….🎀🏈

You have to admit, there is a lot going on in the world today. We have Internet access which makes it easy to have anything we desire right at the tips of our fingers. We have kids in the world who are very advanced, known as the millennial generation. There is just so much going on…good and bad. With all that is going on, how do you compete with the world when it comes to your kids keeping your views and values? 

The truth is you may have been chosen to be the care taker of that child but they will have to go through their own journey of life. It’s important that you know that this child was born with a specific purpose in mind. Just like you and I had to go through to get through, so will they.

The best thing you can do is pray for them & no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to stop them from hanging around certain people, so pray for their friends as well. Any kids that come to your house pray for them too! Be sure to also pray as a family so when they ever face anything they will always remember to pray.

Sometimes at night I will anoint their heads with oil and pray over their minds to think healthy and to make proper decisions. I also anoint their hearts so that they will always have the love of God & for God. Every once in a while I will just allow worship music to play through out the house over night to set the tone for the next day. Do what you can to instill in them proper values. Also, be open with them & let them know you’ve made mistakes also so that your relatable. Life will happen to us all, but the best thing & most powerful thing you can do is pray for your kids and over your kids! 

God’s Promises About Peace: God has promised peace. It’s in the Bible, Isaiah 26:3, NKJV. “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”
You don’t need to worry. It’s in the Bible, Philippians 4:6, KJV. “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
The Bible promises peace as we live according to its principles. It’s in the Bible, Psalms 119:165, NKJV. “Great peace have those who love Your law, And nothing causes them to stumble.”

Being comfortable in your skin….

We all have or have had things that we would like to change about ourselves. I think in 2016 as adults we know that our differences are what make us unique! I think now that I am a woman of a certain age I have come to a place where I comfortable in who God created me to be. Having a clear understanding that if I want any upgrading to take place on the outside or within I have to put in the work to make that happen. I also know that because I like to look and be my best I don’t have to downgrade my thinking or my style  to fit in. It was amazing to me when I noticed my daughter didn’t want to show off her new hairstyle because she didn’t want others to stare or feel insecure because of her blessings (yes a new hairstyle is a blessing 💁🏾). So this way of thinking made me think …. How many times have I “toned down” my style or my way of thinking or anything to make someone else feel comfortable?🤔 A lot!!! 

God began to show me how your gifts & talents are the very things the enemy will try to put a lid on because this is where your prosperity lives. If I can get you to act and do as everyone else then you are no longer unique! You no longer stand out and therefore you will not be able to walk into your purpose. 

When I noticed my daughter wanted to downplay her blessings I immediately explained to her how downplaying your gifts is downplaying God to satisfy people.  We prayed that we would walk boldly in our gifts & free from the opinions of others over God’s!! 

Some may say you’re too much or you’re too little. Some may say you’re too skinny , or too fat, too thick, too pretty, too ugly, too quiet, too loud, too wrong,too right …..whooooo😅 …. Whatever you are someone somewhere will always have a problem so why even try to fit their level of thinking? 

When I began to realize that it was okay and encouraged by God to just be…. the freedom began & the blessings followed….. Be free to be!

Corinne Bailey Rae Meet & Greet Brunch 

If you’ve ever followed me on any social networking sites or on any of my other blogs (FashionMsFitt), you know I have been to a lot of cool places, meeting a lot of cool people! How that happens is sometimes I win tickets, sometimes I know someone, sometimes I just ask and sometimes I’m working behind the scenes. How ever it happens, I’m just thankful to know that I’m able to experience these different adventures & I know it doesn’t just happen to anyone. 

The latest event I was able to attend was a private meet & greet brunch with Corinne Bailey Rae at the radio station Magic 107.5 in Atlanta, G.A. She discussed not only her new album but also her personal life as a woman. The 37 year old British singer-songwriter spoke of her first husbands death & her second husband as well. Bailey lit up when’s he spoke of the music legend  Prince acknowledging  her and her music through Twitter! Prince even popped up at one of her shows in 2005 (talk about a man who really supported artist). They stayed in contact ever since! 

Corinne comes off as a very genuine individual on a first impression of her & speaking with her & even down to her attire just seems very genuine and true to her. I spoke a bit with her about how I enjoy her music & how her music is a vacation from music that  sounds the same. I love when music is different but genuine at heart… I digg that!!

On another note I was able to do a radio drop from a scripted paper I was given & I put as much personality as I could! Lol . But in doing that I was able to walk through the station and I didn’t know that quite a few other stations were in the same place. I was able to look right across through a glass window to see the personalities of the Ricky Smiley show,  such as Gary with the Tea, Da Brat & HeadKrack . They were trying to concentrate but I made sure I got the attention of Gary with the Tea he couldn’t help but to look over & smile. I made sure of that, I love him.

The food was good. There was salad sweet meat balls (which was really good) grilled chicken , dirty rice and sweet tea!! It was great! 

Overall I enjoyed myself and was a great way to start my week off and a Monday morning! I look forward to my next adventure.

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