MsFitt Vintage 

  The great thing about vintage is you have access to fabulous pieces that no one else will have! I have said time & time again that just because a piece of clothing is name brand or expensive does not mean it is stylish or that you will look great in it. I would suggest when wanting to start your vintage journey that you look up on Facebook all of the vintage and thrift store groups which will allow you to connect with other thrifty shoppers. Also go on Instagram search the tags/ hashtags for words like #vintage #thriftstores and #thrifty. Be sure that you search for pieces that are unique and that speak to you. If you really like a piece “hurry up and buy” because you can guarantee you if you don’t buy it now it won’t be there when you come back…. the good stuff goes fast! If you don’t get the stuff you like, you’ll thinking “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” for the rest of your life… I’m thinking about a shirt right now from two years ago!!! 

Good luck on your vintage journey there is clothing treasure out there, you just have to find it!!


Being comfortable in your skin….

We all have or have had things that we would like to change about ourselves. I think in 2016 as adults we know that our differences are what make us unique! I think now that I am a woman of a certain age I have come to a place where I comfortable in who God created me to be. Having a clear understanding that if I want any upgrading to take place on the outside or within I have to put in the work to make that happen. I also know that because I like to look and be my best I don’t have to downgrade my thinking or my style  to fit in. It was amazing to me when I noticed my daughter didn’t want to show off her new hairstyle because she didn’t want others to stare or feel insecure because of her blessings (yes a new hairstyle is a blessing 💁🏾). So this way of thinking made me think …. How many times have I “toned down” my style or my way of thinking or anything to make someone else feel comfortable?🤔 A lot!!! 

God began to show me how your gifts & talents are the very things the enemy will try to put a lid on because this is where your prosperity lives. If I can get you to act and do as everyone else then you are no longer unique! You no longer stand out and therefore you will not be able to walk into your purpose. 

When I noticed my daughter wanted to downplay her blessings I immediately explained to her how downplaying your gifts is downplaying God to satisfy people.  We prayed that we would walk boldly in our gifts & free from the opinions of others over God’s!! 

Some may say you’re too much or you’re too little. Some may say you’re too skinny , or too fat, too thick, too pretty, too ugly, too quiet, too loud, too wrong,too right …..whooooo😅 …. Whatever you are someone somewhere will always have a problem so why even try to fit their level of thinking? 

When I began to realize that it was okay and encouraged by God to just be…. the freedom began & the blessings followed….. Be free to be!