Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

“I’m 23 years old, I might just be my mother’s child, but in reality…I’m everybody’s child. Nobody raised me, I was raised in this society.” ~ Tupac Shakur

Today Tupac would have been 46 years old. I think about being a 15 year old girl, coming home from school seeing all over the news that he died. I didn’t think he would die because Tupac survived everything and deep down I was hoping he survived death in real life in a Makaveli way, but this time he didn’t. I kept the tv on MTV the entire day. Like every other teenage girl I thought once I became an adult I would marry Tupac & live happily ever hip hop after!!! I was crushed the entire week. Tupac conversations would ring all over the streets, schools & places of work for years to come. I remember watching the Biggie Smalls interview and seeing the remorse he said ” I don’t wish death on no one, because ain’t no coming back from that.” I remember when watching Big’s interview internally I feared for his life, because things had gone too far. Which we all know he died the following year. 

I remember following Tupac’s career with Digital Underground, Holla If You Hear Me & Brenda’s Got a baby, I even remembered borrowing a PAC cd from a classmate & never giving it back… I gotta do that 😏

Today I’m excited that the “All Eyes On Me” movie comes out today!!! I hope you all support this for the culture. I may need to see this alone because I want to be able to soak everything in. For the movie to be released on his birthday is pretty dope. Tupac was very advanced for his age & was more than an old soul, he could never be duplicated. I can’t help to think what things would have been like now with him here and his presence. One thing I can say that in his short lived life he made an impact & one can only hope that we all make some type of impact the best we know how before our journey on this earth is over! Go out this weekend & support “All Eyes On Me”